Modafinil for Shift Work

A study sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse concluded that Modafinil can be useful for helping people cope with disruptions caused by shift work.

"Modafinil reversed disruptions in cognitive performance and mood during the night shift. While Modafinil produced few effects on sleep measures during the night shift, the largest dose produced several sleep alterations during the day shift. These data demonstrate that abrupt shift changes produce cognitive performance impairments and mood disruptions during night shift work. Therapeutic doses of Modafinil attenuated night-shift-associated disruptions, but the larger dose produced some sleep impairments when administered during day-shift work."

A Harvard Medical School study found Provigil resulted in "a small but significant improvement in performance" when used to cope with shift work.

On the other hard, if large numbers of workerd started taking Modafinil to perform their jobs better, will others be forced to follow just to keep up at work? Related: trends in modafinil use.