Getting it from overseas pharmacies

Many modafinil prescriptions are off-label, and insurance companies may not be willing to cover the high cost. This, plus reasons of general cost savings and convenience, drive some patients to look for internet pharmacies to fill their prescriptions. Some of the less savory pharmacies even write the prescription for you and then fill it - so that no U.S.-based doctor is needed.

Importing drugs without a license is against the law. There is no "personal use" exemption, despite what many people think. Authorities have very rarely prosecuted anyone, though. The worst that usually happens is that the package is intercepted and you won't get what you ordered.

It should be noted that people don't use internet pharmacies because they are trying to do anything unsavory, necessarily. There are legitimate reasons for using them - primarily cost. The biggest downside is that you run a risk of inferior product. The drug system inside the U.S. is very safe, but you lose some assurance when you go abroad. A Canadian government official has stated that U.S. consumers should not rely on guarantees from his government.

An industry trade group has estimated that 2% of the drugs sold each year are counterfeit, while the World Health Organization estimates 5-8% of drugs worldwide are counterfeit. Whether these percentages are by dollar value, number of doses or pills, or mass is not clear.

There are many features of the prescription drug industry that drive consumers crazy, enable sketchy suppliers, permit arbitrage, and make things confusing for doctors and patients. This partly drives the gray market for Provigil and other drugs.






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